Saturday, November 19, 2005

Windows and Linux

Good week for the non work activies.
1 Dave got me a WRTG54 v2.0 from Ebay.
this is a wireless router made by linksys that had a linux OS.
the clever chaps at offer an open source distibution called white russian.Have installled that and am currently using it with my zaurus PDA to write this. So linux rules. Where does windows come in. Well after discussion with MD about things every man should be able to do including skin a rabbit, change a nappy etc etc I suggested that glazing a window was a bloke type task. Anyway realized that this rite of passage to blokehood has not actually featured in my 40 years on this planet . Worse, I have had a broken window in my living room for over a year held together with stickytape.
I anounce my intention to fix window to spouse! A look of fear crosses he face. 30 minutes of cross questioning later she decides to let me have a go ..but the are conditions. It is quite clear she does not believe I am capable of this DIY task so she is trying to make me give up and get a man in to do the job. Result is I do clean and tidy job. OK I did have to go and buy some tools but then they will be usefull next time. Two hour job took 5 hours but still it was worth it just to hear the love of my life actually happy to admit she was wrong for once.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Boiler Repair Man continues his 19 year struggle against central heating doom.

Boiler packed up 3 weeks ago. Tame corgi registered mate turned up next day and declared FAN to be dead and should I get a new boiler. I agreed I should but then things turned nasty and was stunned to hear about new regulations that mean a different type of boiler is now mandatory. And guess what it's expensive. £1600 mimimum. The 'Shit!' expletive escaped. I promptly U turned. " How much to fix this one ?". "Probably under 200 notes" was reply but he had to go look things up and would get back to me.

Next day he got back to me.."350 quid for the bit +vat +labour " . The "Shit!" expletive needed rounding up once more. So we argued the toss on cheap boilers (I had found one for £530+vat) but my mate refused to touch a Poterton. "They are crap" he explained in his usual non technical way.

Wife and kid suffering for lack of heating was begining to pray on my mind. Well me suffering because child's hands are felt to be a bit chilly by wife is what really motivates me. Ice cold feet placed directly on my legs when going to bed speed up thought process. I don't want a new boiler because flat convesion is planned and new boiler may be required next year of different output or in diferent physical location. I'll fix it myself I decide. So I dismantel the boiler fan and identify the faulty motor. The internet is googled to death after 3 evenings searching and Ebay boiler man comes to the rescue. Local bloke from Worthing Non-Stressed Heating. One visit on a Friday with the incorrect part is followed by next Tuesday delivery of a shine new reconditioned fan. £140 quid .Bargain. Fit it myself and proudly show wife hot radiators. Top whole evening off by repairing her IBM Laptop with the aid of a large kitchen knife. ..don't ask.

Can't you see I am busy?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Your Next IT manager

James is 15 months old.
His favourite toy is a psion Mx5 (lickle keys and a heart stopping snap to the clamshell). He can also boot my pc. get into the bios and if he manages to leave a bootable bios config and get through grub to get windows rather than linux then he can edit all the names of the icons on screen to kkkkkk;;;;so99d etc.

His packet sniffing isn't great but keyboard snoting is a joy to behold
His ability to hold a mobile phone in the crook of his neck while bashing two handedly on the keyboard is equally impressive.

To be honest I have visited places where James could hold down an IT job for several months before any one realised. And he would have probably broken less critical systems then average so should be in line for a promotion.