Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Samsung N510 woes

Aaaaaargh! The case mounting for the samsung screen hinges are pathetic. My screen has always been a bit stiff to open. Now only one month after purchase all the brass inserts into the plastic base of the netbook have pulled out of their feeble plastic pillars. 1st sign was hearing small rattly bits of plastic inside case and noting that top and bottom half case part company slightly at power button. Second sign was noting that hinge covers don't line up with base. This is a design flaw, the top diameter of the mounting pillars should have been at least twice the size to cope with the expected strain. Even if Samsung do replace it under warranty I am pretty sure the next one will fail in exactly the same way. Unfortunately this is currently the perfect spec netbook for me so a refund doesn't get me anywhere. Starting with this knowledge and a new Samsung 510 netbook I think I would disassemble and add a ton of this stuff to the pillars