Thursday, September 29, 2005

Your Next IT manager

James is 15 months old.
His favourite toy is a psion Mx5 (lickle keys and a heart stopping snap to the clamshell). He can also boot my pc. get into the bios and if he manages to leave a bootable bios config and get through grub to get windows rather than linux then he can edit all the names of the icons on screen to kkkkkk;;;;so99d etc.

His packet sniffing isn't great but keyboard snoting is a joy to behold
His ability to hold a mobile phone in the crook of his neck while bashing two handedly on the keyboard is equally impressive.

To be honest I have visited places where James could hold down an IT job for several months before any one realised. And he would have probably broken less critical systems then average so should be in line for a promotion.