Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Samsung N510 woes

Aaaaaargh! The case mounting for the samsung screen hinges are pathetic. My screen has always been a bit stiff to open. Now only one month after purchase all the brass inserts into the plastic base of the netbook have pulled out of their feeble plastic pillars. 1st sign was hearing small rattly bits of plastic inside case and noting that top and bottom half case part company slightly at power button. Second sign was noting that hinge covers don't line up with base. This is a design flaw, the top diameter of the mounting pillars should have been at least twice the size to cope with the expected strain. Even if Samsung do replace it under warranty I am pretty sure the next one will fail in exactly the same way. Unfortunately this is currently the perfect spec netbook for me so a refund doesn't get me anywhere. Starting with this knowledge and a new Samsung 510 netbook I think I would disassemble and add a ton of this stuff to the pillars

Thursday, November 26, 2009

SAMSUNG N510 Netbook

Had this for two days and so far it is looking good. Prodigious battery life 7+ hours. Sane fan placement to not cook battery. Decent screen size and keyboard marred only by the dodgy placement of the right hand shift key. I don't think I am going to regret this. If it can play full HD as promised by the ION chipset then it is going to be new weapon of choice.

Friday, October 23, 2009

PVR madness

Replaced that ASDA Onn PVR with a new SAGEM Freeeview PVR with HDMI to match the 42"HD panel I got. Bad move ....hating it!

Now in embarrassing position of pleading with friend who bought the ASDA box to let me have it back. He being a good chap has agreed. So my most troublesome clients (wife and kids) will now be happy.. right up to the point where I replace "THS" (The Huge Screen) with the old 20" Dell monitor.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009