Monday, March 05, 2007

42 isn't the answer

Well hurrah I made this far. 42 years on the planet.

The good bits of the last year :- Expecting another baby summer 2007. Just found out last week it was going to be a boy! Been to Taiwan and on their new super fast train. 180mph. Started an new business to deal with voip termination/PSTN breakout. Flat convesion completed in the summer 06. So now pround parents with actual space to live. James isn't yet 3 but his spoken english is good. Worringly his spoken chinese his just as good. Chistmas present was a digifusion PVR. Which I have been tinkering with. New firmware uploaded via a serial cable. New laptop hard disk installed and noisey old hard disk and fan removed = Silence. Cheap flights to Hong Kong with Marvelous . From Gatwick airport as well !