Sunday, October 02, 2011

Zanussi ztd6255 dishwasher resurrected

Zanussi dishwasher failing to finish cycle. Symtoms being a tripped RCD breaker and then constant cycle of 3 beeps audio error code when retried. Replaced the obviously bust motor capacitor but found cycle still wouldn't finish. Anti leak switch was engaged due to water in drip tray. Eventually traced source to spray arm feed pipe 2/3 way up rear right hand side of machine. Half the screw thread on plastic fitting had broken so threw away neoprene ring seal to gain another two milimeters of thread though machine and used some plumber mait with a couple of wraps of plumber's tape. All good after a 70 deg wash. Still took most of the evening to do due to length of time test washes take. Trying to watch Spooks and constant checking for a flooded kitchen is really stressfull. That and it is an integrated dishwasher so getting it in and out is a pain.

Tip: Maplin open on a Sunday until 6.00pm amazing if you want the necessary 3uF cap for £3.80 instead of spending £13 on the 'genuine part'