Saturday, August 02, 2008

The shortest measurable unit of time

This was pretty universally agreed to be the 'New York Second'. The time between a New York traffic light turning green and the car behind you hitting its horn. After much research I now believe the "Angel Pause" has it beat. This the time between my bottom hitting the cushion of any type of comfortable chair and my wife finding something for me to get up and do.


Unknown said...

Of course, as all things are relative, it depends upon your point of view. Angel would probably see an alternate reality and define it as the "daddydid delay"

Unknown said...

Calculation shows the daddydid delay is in fact the time between me entering a room with a comfy chair and, with nothing to do, sitting in it. This time is so short that to an outside observer my body would appear instantaneously stretched from doorway to chair due to relativistic shenanigans.