Monday, February 14, 2011

Plastic Repair kit

I have been fixing an increasing number of items with the repair kit I bought for my Samsung laptop. The off side Mondeo wing mirror developed an alarming list to one side this is included the outside cowling. I suspect someone leant on it hard when falling over in the snow in December. Repair involved removing glass and drilling out of three retaining blobs of plastic so outside cowling could be removed from internal mounting post. This showed problem that two of three vertical retaining screws had stripped threads/ broken mountings. So removed whole metal mounting post from bottom bracket and got two washers. Then sprayed original screws with silicone as a release agent. Used the screws to mount the washers onto correct surface with hand tightening. Then rebuilt the outside of the damaged plastic mounting pillar upto the washers. Once plastic had cured over night I removed screws and washers and remounted wing mirror. Had to melt the 3 mounting blobs back to re attach cowling. Overall a medium difficult job.

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