Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dell2005-WFP 20" Monitor Repaired and temp controlled soldering iron added to kit

I had fixed a 24" version of this monitor a few years ago for some one else. This time it was my own and the screen had a horrible blurry red interference pattern across it. Dis-assembly required very determined pulling on the front bezel.  The power board, once liberated, showed 10 capacitors  in the area that that feeds the logic board. It would have been a £7.00 repair but the trip to Maplin to pick up the replacement capacitors gave the opportunity to also  purchase a temp controlled soldering iron. This made de-soldering much easier at 380 deg C  and the lead free solder flowed far better on the new components than I ever used to achieve with my ancient old Antex iron.

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