Monday, February 14, 2011

Phone and Automobiles

The screen on the Samsung pixon broke and I pleaded for a replacement phone that ran the Android operating system. The powers that be listened carefully to my reasoned arguments and gave me a Blackberry instead. AAAAAAAARGH!

Despite the truly addictive e-mail capabilities I heroically decided to go cold turkey and forked out my own hard earned for an Orange San Francisco instead.

Had it for over a month now and it is truly a great phone. De branded and running android 2.2 of course with a company O2 sim.

I have even used an old Nokia tablet mounting kit and some drastic reworking with a hacksaw and plastic repair kit to build a car mount for it. I'll publish a picture sometime. It might look a bit of a bodge but it is super solid and the phone clicks into place in a reassuring manner.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

its "arrrrghhhh a Raspberry", or if your feeling rude Gooseberry.